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How it works

Take all of the guesswork out of creating a stunning visual roadmap that grows and changes as your product does.

Step 1

Team Planning

Team collaboration roadmapping tool that lets you plan, communicate, and track your progress easily - strategic planning your way.

Step 2

Create Roadmap

'Don’t lose track of your dependencies as your project moves forward. Visually link and manage your dependencies and user stories. You can easily assign the relationships between tasks and view assigned team members.

Step 3

Share Roadmap

Easily create, share, and notify the team about strategic planning and project goals and milestones. Like the successful completion wrap-up party at the end.

List of Integrations

Collaboration is the key to success. Power-up your roadmap and integrate with your favorit apps, easily and seemlessly.

integrations Jira
integrations Slack
integrations Google
integrations Trello

Features that Matter Most

We listened to dozens of product managers to learn what was most important in roadmapping software. And Hutwork’s features deliver.

Saved Views

Configure your roadmap with fields and features unique to individual audiences. Then save those views for later use. You need not recreate a roadmap each time an executive asks for one. Hutwork lets you access your Saved Views from your dashboard.

Item Delegation

Hutwork makes it easy to delegate items to the right person. Select the item you want to delegate and assign it to a team member or a stakeholder. You can delegate several items at once or choose one at a time—whichever ways works best for you.

Completion Tracking

Keep track of items from your dashboard as they’re completed. Instantly know the status of each item and what needs done to complete it. Hutwork helps you track your items and understand what needs done and how much time you have left.

Simplified Export

Easily and quickly export your roadmap into the formats everyone prefers. Simplified Export lets you share roadmaps with others in the form they use most, making it easier for everyone to access without the back and forth of formatting issues.

Additional must-have features

You want extras when creating a roadmap. That’s why Hutwork gives you these additional must-have features to make roadmapping fun and visually stunning.


Don’t lose track of your dependencies as your product moves forward. Use Hutwork to visually link and manage your dependencies and user stories. You can easily assign the relationships between tasks and view assigned team members.

Goals & Milestones

Celebrate your successes when you accomplish goals and reach milestones on your roadmap. Assign goals and milestones that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

3rd Party Integrations

How many apps does it take to create a new product? As many as you need to manage the process. That’s why Hutwork created 3rd party integrations with apps that you use every day, like Jira, Slack, Trello, and more.

Customized Design

Color-code dependencies. Show delegations in different colors. Share roadmaps that are customized to specific audiences, like executives, stakeholders, and more. Customize your design with colors and other identifying features to make each roadmap unique.

Comminication & Feedback

How are you tracking customer feedback? If you’re using a spreadsheet, you’re missing out on the power of feedback driving how you prioritize items. Hutwork lets you capture customer feedback in each item, keeping them connected, so you can make better prioritization decisions.

Real-Time URl Sharing

Share your unique URLs in real time with your team, customers, executives, and others as needed. Send through email, as a comment on the platform, or in your favorite Slack channel. However you collaborate, use real-time URL sharing to keep everyone connected and on the same page.

Completion Tracking

How do you know when a task is complete? Completion tracking lets you know at a glance who is responsible and if they’ve completed tasks assigned to them. Manage tasks and completions from a single dashboard.


Why recreate the wheel? Choose a template from a vast library of examples to help you create the right roadmap for your product. Or use a template as a jumping off point to help you get started in the right direction.

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