3 Reasons the Right Tool Helps You Create an Excellent Strategic Roadmap

Are you planning the launch of a new product or figuring out how to use technology to support a new business strategy? A strategic roadmap helps drive your business priorities over a period of time. Plans can change for a variety of reasons. As a result, a strategic roadmap is flexible enough to accommodate changes and still keep you focused on the end goal.

To create an excellent strategic roadmap, however, you need the right roadmapping tool to collaborate, plan, and track a dynamic plan. Here are 3 reasons why using the right tool makes a huge difference in the end result.


Pulling together a diverse group of core people on your planning team isn’t enough to create a better strategy. You need to give them the tools to collaborate easily in ways that are familiar to everyone.

Popular collaboration tools like Slack are a great start. However, they’re not robust enough on their own to create a roadmap you can present to stakeholders and management. You also need a strategic roadmap that lets you track progress, including your budget.

Find a strategic roadmap tool that combines common platforms like Slack with a powerful strategic planning engine. This lets you create unique, fun roadmaps. You should be able to drill down to specific tasks, set milestones and deliverables, highlight important date, and prioritize everything.

#2—Presenting & sharing

Use a roadmapping tool that lets you create [high-level timelines for upper management who likes to see the big picture. The same tool should allow you to present detailed timelines for teams responsible for portions of the plan.

Presenting and sharing timelines tailored to a specific audience should be seamless. Choose a roadmapping tool that lets you share a link. You can also download to a common file format and email, Finally, you can get a customized URL with password protection to restrict who has access.

Another feature to look for is one that straddles collaboration and sharing. Find a strategic roadmap tool with the ability to comment on any task and share tasks and milestones directly from the tool. You should be able to send emails from inside your strategic planning app and reply directly to any comments made.


How can you tell if you’re on track to meet important milestones and deliverables? How can you see if you can’t track your progress in your strategic planning tool? It’s important to find a tool that lets you set goals and milestones and track progress to share with your team and stakeholders.

You should be able to set up notifications for approaching goals and milestones. In addition, you must be able to collaborate within the tool on the specific tasks necessary to achieve those milestones.

Another source you’ll need to track is your budget. The right strategic roadmapping tool lets you estimate your project’s cost, and view and track your actual cost as you progress. You can see how individual tasks and milestones coincide with budget milestones and find ways to save both time and money from within the app.


Don’t settle for any strategic roadmap software platform that doesn’t let you collaborate, present and share, and track your strategic timeline easily from end to end. A best-in-class tool will also have project templates to help you get started simply. Finally, the right tool will offer an amazing user experience that’s intuitive for anyone to use and make planning fun.

The cherry on top is a strategic roadmap tool that’s so much fun to use, planning becomes a habit, not just a once-a-year retreat.


The Hutwork difference

Hutwork takes strategic roadmapping further than any other tool available. A Hutwork strategic roadmap offers a robust and powerful collaboration platform. In addition, get easy tracking features and intuitive design. As a result, Hutwork helps you stay on task, on budget, and on track for completion.

Check out www.hutwork.com today to see the difference a comprehensive road mapping and planning tool can make in your next project.

Chris Ball

Hi, I'm a Co-Founder at Hutwork. I'm responsible for making sure everything ticks! Click here to check us out on twitter.

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