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What needs done before you can start? What depends on another step to get done in the order that makes most sense? Don’t lose your dependencies as you progress. Hutwork helps you manage dependencies so nothing slips through the cracks.

Goals & Milestones

How do you know when you’ve successfully completed a task? By assigning goals and milestones that everyone can see and monitor. Make sure your team and everyone else involved knows what you’re working towards with goals & milestones.

3rd Party Integrations

Why give up on apps that make your life easier? With Hutwork, you get integrations with 3rd party apps that you use all the time. Make your world easier with integrations that make sense.

Customized Design

Change colors to reflect different timelines. Select unique colors to help you track different dependencies. You can customize your roadmap’s design to help you visualize everything clearly and simply.

Communication & Feedback

Don’t lose someone’s feedback because your tool doesn’t handle communication and feedback. Hutwork lets you capture feedback inside the app, making it easy to see what’s important and who’s offering feedback.

Real-Time URl Sharing

Get a unique URL to share with your team and another one to share with executives. However many stakeholders you need to share a roadmap with, Hutwork offers a URL to share that targets separate stakeholder groups.

Saved Views

Do you need to create individual views based on your target audiences? You can save views of your roadmap that are tailored to an audience. Save a single view for executives who want to see a high-level overview and save another view for your team.

Item Delegation

Make sure team members responsible for tasks know what’s assigned to them. You can easily delegate items to team members, stakeholders, and others, making it easy to see who’s responsible and when tasks are due.

Completion Tracking

How do you know when a task is complete? Completion tracking lets you know at a glance who is responsible and if they’ve completed tasks assigned to them. Manage tasks and completions from a single dashboard.

Simplified export

Export your roadmaps in a format that people use every day. A simple click lets you export your roadmap into PDF, Powerpoint, Jpeg, and many more formats, making it easy for anyone to access it. Hutwork lets you export into formats everyone uses.

Team Members

Track team members and their assigned tasks from a single dashboard. Know at a glance what is upcoming and who is on track to meet goals and milestones. Catch potential issues before they become problems.

Unlimited Roadmaps

Hutwork never restricts how many roadmaps you can complete. Are you juggling a dozen or more products? You can create as many roadmaps as you need to manage your professional and personal lives.

Alerts & Notifications

Never miss an upcoming goal or milestone with alerts and notifications from Hutwork. Manage your product without missing a single step when you receive notifications to let you know what’s coming up and what needs handled today.


Keep everything you need to manage your product in a single location. Attachments let you capture documents, files, images, and more in your roadmap so that everything you need is available at your fingertips.

Master Roadmaps

Create a single roadmap that captures everything you need. Then use your master roadmap to create tailored views that include what other stakeholders need to see. Executives, team members, even sales and marketing need different roadmaps, and Hutwork helps you deliver.


Why recreate the wheel? Choose a template from a vast library of examples to help you create the right roadmap for your product. Or use a template as a jumping off point to help you get started in the right direction.


How do you know what features are most important to your customers? Prioritize everything, including tasks, based on what’s most important to accomplish. Collaborate with your team to assign priorities and use a single roadmap to help communicate your prioritization.


Sometimes you just need to see a timeline to see how tasks and issues shake out. Hutwork offers a timeline feature that lets you see what needs to be completed, in what order, and when it needs done.

Security & Privacy

Keep your roadmap safe and secure. With password protection and state of the art server encryption, your top secret roadmaps will be safe from prying eyes. Choose to use a password on all of your shared roadmaps to ensure only the people you want to see the roadmap have access.

Dashboard Overview

Dashboard overview gives you the control you need to manage, create, and share your roadmaps. Don't lose track of all your company roadmaps by using the dashboard overview for simplified management. 


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