What to Look for in Product Roadmap Software

How do you currently plan your product development to make sure your business meets or exceed customer’s expectations? You need a product roadmap software that lets you plan, communicate, and track your goals and processes.

Look for these essentials when checking out product roadmapping software.

Team collaboration

You and your team need to collaborate with your customer. And you’ll have a variety of stakeholders like your executives, sales teams, and customer service reps. Also, look for product roadmapping software that lets you comment on any task, share files, send emails from inside, share tasks, and reply directly to any comments—all from a single dashboard.


Look for a product roadmap software platform that lets you create unique roadmaps. You should be able to drill down to specific tasks and color-code tasks and responsibilities. Finally, find a platform that lets you rank everything, highlight important dates, and share your roadmap with stakeholders.


You need options to share. So, a great product roadmapping software program will give you a customized URL with password protection to share with stakeholders. Or download your roadmap to PNG, PDF, CSV, or other formats and share it through email. Finally, you should be able to share files simply and easily, internally and externally.


Stop tracking your resources and products in Excel. Find a product roadmap software system that gives you an easy-to-use timeline tool to track everything in one place: milestones, individual tasks, budget, and actual cost.

Goals and milestones

Your product roadmapping solution should let you create and share milestones and goals, like decreasing time to production or establishing a launch date. You should be able to easily share your goals and milestones with team members, executives, and others.

Email notifications

You want a system that sends you email notifications anytime you need to know something about your product roadmap. Get an email when someone makes a change or comments on a conversation. Know when someone uploads key documents and easily track what happens in real time.


How you go about planning, processing, evaluating, and launching new products can make all the difference in the future of your company. Find a product roadmapping software solution that lets you create your strategies, track and measure your progress, and standardize your product development process.


The Hutwork difference

If you’d like an easy-to-use tool to help you create your product strategies and plans, check out Hutwork, an industry leader in product roadmaps. Hutwork is the leading platform that allows you to collaborate and create stunning product roadmaps that get attention.

Make sure your company’s product team members can understand your roadmap at a glance when you create it using Hutwork’s easy-to-use templates, experience the power of roadmapping.

Danny Ball

Co-founder & CEO at Hutwork. I’m working hard every day to ensure visual planning is at the forefront of today’s fascinating ideas. Click here to check us out on twitter.

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