There’s an Easier Way to Plan: Product Planning Software

Product planning software offers companies of all sizes a way to harness technology to keep businesses organized and products on track. There are a variety of product planning software applications available; how do you choose? Let’s focus on the key set of features you should look for before deciding which platform to use.


Collaboration plays a huge role in the success of your products, so you want to ensure that the product planning software you choose takes collaboration to a new level. For example, teams can comment directly in the program, send emails, and share files from an intuitive dashboard. The best collaboration platforms integrate with best-in-class tools like Slack, JIRA, and Google. Integration helps busy teams collaborate in ways that make sense for their workflows and their preferences.

Assign tasks

A product planning platform allows you to assign tasks to individuals or teams that are easy to track and monitor. Assigning tasks helps product managers keep products on track and on schedule. It also allows others on the product to know who to go to if they should have questions or need information about a particular task. Top-tier platforms send notifications to teams and individuals when tasks are assigned and when due dates are approaching. This helps them manage their time and complete tasks as scheduled.

Manage the schedule

You can use product planning software to manage milestones and deliverables that are due on specific dates. You can add start and completion dates, assign task due dates, and assign individuals to tasks. Product planning software lets you easily see how your resources are being used in each phase of the product so you can better spread the work out to help the product stay on track and on schedule.

Track progress

Easily track the progress of each product with product planning software. Know at a glance what’s been completed and by whom as well as what still needs to be done. Team members can provide updates to their assigned tasks and share those with other team members and management. In fact, a fully integrated product planning software platform allows you to plan, create, collaborate, track, manage, and share information, data, and progress, eliminating the need for time-wasting status update meetings.

Share with clients and vendors

Product planning software gives you the option of sharing files and timelines with clients, vendors, and your team members. You can create unique URLs that lead to product planning material such as a road map. You can create password-protected versions that allow select clients or vendors to collaborate, comment, and make changes. This level of sharing creates a streamlined process that connects you to major stakeholders in real time. It also allows feedback, edits, and review instantly when needed.

The Hutwork difference

Run your product from a simple dashboard in a single platform. No more using a product management application plus MS Excel or Access and a timeline creator program to plan, track, and manage your products.

Check out today to see the difference a comprehensive road mapping and planning tool can make in your next product.

Danny Ball

Co-founder & CEO at Hutwork. I’m working hard every day to ensure visual planning is at the forefront of today’s fascinating ideas. Click here to check us out on twitter.

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