Try This Technique to Enhance Your Team’s Collaboration

There is a contrast within teams that can work against collaboration. From an early age, we are coached to compete against each other through the sports we play and the grades we get in school. But in businesses and organizations of any size, we must function together as a cohesive team to serve customers, gain competitive advantages, create market share, and other key performance indicators that help companies be successful.

There is a simple technique you can use to help your team collaborate better and work together towards goals.

Provide your team with the infrastructure and resources they need to learn, communicate, and collaborate.

Simply expecting a group of people to learn how collaboration on their own isn’t going to achieve the results you need. Instead, give them tools, including the philosophy, that make collaboration easy, quick, and fun. Believe it or not, fun is differentiator in team collaboration.

There are a variety of ways to create infrastructure and a collaborative culture. Let’s discuss the top 4.

#1. Clarity of purpose and a guiding vision

Cohesive teams who collaborate extremely well often feel they’re on a mission with a greater purpose. They have a clear understanding of how they fit into the overall picture of your company’s future success. When your team feels that everything they do is meaningful and purposeful, they’ll look for ways to collaborate and work together.

#2. Collaborate on everything

To help them achieve clarity of purpose and a guiding vision, let your team define the rules of engagement. They should discuss and reach a consensus on goals, roles, responsibilities, and key deliverables. Decisions should be a team activity. A culture of deciding together empowers teams to take responsibility and accountability. Give your team the tools they need to discuss these issues and make decisions.

#3. Make ideas tangible

Create prototypes, draw diagrams, and create timelines and roadmaps so everyone has a visible measure of projects, responsibilities, goals, milestones, timing, and even budgetary measures. When your team can see their actual progress and how it matches up to the project’s roadmap, they’ll feel more connected. This encourages them to collaborate on tasks and responsibilities to help keep the team on track and on budget. A tool that creates a roadmap and allows team members to collaborate, make suggestions, share ideas and information, and receive notifications is a must-have resource.

#4. Add the zest

Make collaboration fun. You know what they say about all work and no play. Take the time to celebrate your wins, and schedule in some play time. Find great team building exercises that are fun, boost motivation, and help members get to know each other better. And don’t forget that providing your team with the right collaborative technology that’s both fun and easy to use is a differentiator in building a team that works well together. Teams that work well together are more effective and productive, which leads to more successful outcomes. But more importantly, they’re happier and more fun to work with.


Collaboration allows teams to achieve things collectively that one person can’t do individually. Giving your team the above tools, practices, and philosophy will help create a collaborative environment. When you build it into their DNA, teams will collaborate naturally in ways that use their individual strengths and accommodate for weaknesses. When you do everything you can to remove barriers, the collaborative team will exceed your expectations.


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