Tweak Your Agile Methodology Using These Tricks

Teams use agile methodology primarily in the IT arena on projects such as software development. However, teams are increasingly testing it in other departments. In fact, agile and traditional management practices can complement each other rather than compete. As such, a hybrid version is cropping up that blends traditional and agile together to fit the situation.

Here are 5 ways your company can tweak your agile methodology to intermix more traditional approaches.

#1—Sprint planning

Traditionally, a project manager created a plan and spent the bulk of the project trying to stick to it. Using Sprint project planning, project managers can work with teams throughout the course of the project. It’s easy to determine what tasks can be started immediately and what need more detailed planning. Sprint planning also helps teams learn from every iteration. Teams can then create an environment of continuous improvement where projects become self-correcting and self-regulating.

#2—Scrum meetings

A scrum meeting is an important agile methodology practice. Get team members together every morning to discuss what they’re doing and how they can be more productive and agile. As such, it’s a short meeting that focuses on the goals and how their individual tasks help achieve those goals.

Consider tweaking your scrum meetings and holding them through a collaboration platform in your project planning system. As a result, no one needs to leave his or her desk, which is growing essential as remote work situations become more common. As such, your scrum board is the planning system that lets you capture, collaborate, and comment on new ideas and challenges.

#3—Quality checks

In agile methodology, iterations also known as sprints are fast and frequent with much less upfront planning involved. However, to better align your project with the company’s strategic plan, consider incorporating significant quality planning and assurance early in the process. You can still use agile processes for capturing user feedback, but this mix of quality and quickness will allow for more controlled improvements.

#4—Communications with customer support

During a sprint, errors can slip through the cracks. Understanding how these errors affect customers is important. Agile methodology means you should nurture communication between customer support and development teams.

This is especially true for last-minute fixes and changes. Keeping your whole team looking at the big picture from coding to the end user experience is key, and the best way to do that is communication between development team and customer support. Easily handle this through a collaboration platform integrated into your project management system.

#5—Project documentation

Agile methodology documentation means tracking activity patterns and updating project documents on a frequent basis. Each iteration an agile team goes through can create more documents that need to be captured somewhere.

As a result, an agile planning platform is a fully integrated project management system that lets you plan, create, collaborate, manage, track, and report in real time through a single dashboard. Traditional project planning teams use this tool to keep everything project-related in a central location. In addition, you can share files and document within the platform, send emails from inside the app, share tasks, reply directly to comments, and even collaborate through integrations with Slack and JIRA.

Final thoughts

Traditional and agile project management contain similar methodologies: both center on leading a team focused on delivering something of value to a client or measurable results to the company. By using a hybrid of agile management and traditional methods, you can get clients more involved in your iterations and impact your bottom line through increased productivity.

The best way to combine agile and traditional management is through, an innovative, powerful project planning and management platform. Hutwork lets you collaborate, create, manage, present, and track your agile project from cradle to grave. It’s the only platform available with a robust collaboration platform that lets your team communicate in ways that make sense with your workflows.
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Chris Ball

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