Why a Timeline Tool Makes Product Planning Fun

If you’ve never enjoyed product planning, you just haven’t found the right tool. Consequently, comprehensive timeline tools like hutwork.com make product planning fun and meaningful—which leads to motivated and productive teams ready to tackle new products head on.

Ask yourself the following questions about the product planning process:

  • Are you tired of taking scads of poster paper and entering everything into a spreadsheet or other application to manage and track?
  • Can you capture your great ideas outside of work?
  • Are you running out of wall space with whiteboards and sticky notes?
  • Can you attend product planning meetings from anywhere in the building, city, or even across the world?

Hutwork is the innovative product planning tool that lets you capture ideas anywhere, anytime, without needing sticky notes and poster paper. In addition, you don’t have to be in the same room to collaborate in planning meetings. In fact, you can capture everything in a single platform, eliminating the need to type everything into an Excel spreadsheet later.

The more innovative the product planning tool like Hutwork, the more fun you can have, increasing your enjoyment at work. Because, let’s face it–when you’re having fun at work, you’re more productive, focused, and in control.

Ways a timeline tool generates fun

We’re visual creatures. We like to see things represented in beautiful visual ways. As such, your timeline tool allows you to create stunning roadmaps with color-coded milestones and activities. Consequently, you can create decision points in a visual layout that energizes and motivates your team to get going.

In addition, milestones are amazing tools to help people see the product’s flow and how their responsibilities help achieve goals. And milestones are meant to be celebrated. As such, a timeline tool is just as handy for planning celebrations as it is for planning and tracking products.

Finally, one of the best ways a timeline tool creates fun is the interactive and collaborative way your team can set realistic, achievable goals. A timeline tool with a robust collaboration platform allows your team to reach out to each other in real time. As such, you can discuss issues and challenges, make comments and post feedback about deadlines and deliverables. As a result, you can communicate easily in a single program. This ensures everyone is on the same page and avoids miscommunication.


Tips to have fun while planning and managing your product

  • Get your hands dirty. Everyone has a little creative flare when it comes to planning. Your timeline tool makes it easy to capture creative ideas and translate them into actionable steps and goals with milestones and deliverables. This reminds you of your passion for innovation and creativity for a particular area of your job, boosting your confidence and energizing you.
  • Being free to lead. A timeline tool gives you a certain amount of autonomy in order to manage and lead. You control the access and permissions to your product planning program. To share information with senior management, you can create password protected URLs that restrict access to certain individuals. This keeps your plans safe from prying eyes.
  • Seeing your resources at work. You can track your team’s progress, your budget, and other key performance indicators on a real-time basis. Seeing your best resources at work gives you a high level of confidence in the success of your product. You can meet or exceed expectations, deliver on outcomes, and come in on or under budget when you have full access to every aspect of the product you must manage.
  • Limit the cooks in the kitchen. Too many stakeholders interfering in your product can have negative consequences on moral and productivity. Your timeline tool lets you restrict those who want to micromanage without adding value from accessing your product plans. Because in the end, too many cooks around the pot drains your valuable resources and there’s certainly no benefit to you, your team, or the important stakeholder
  • Creatively addressing challenges. A timeline tool allows you to stretch your creativity muscles, giving you a boost of enthusiasm. When you feel confident that you can meet challenges and master them, you’ll fuel the spark you need to stay focused and productive. When you don’t have the tools to be truly creative and innovative, products can feel like an endless line of production work. And that’s boring.


Danny Ball

Co-founder & CEO at Hutwork. I’m working hard every day to ensure visual planning is at the forefront of today’s fascinating ideas. Click here to check us out on twitter.

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